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June 2019-September 2019

Sound Intern at Shakespeare and Company

- Operate theatrical sound before and during shows, including micing, speaker placement, and cue execution.

- Collaborate with sound designers to execute the desired sound reinforcement and design in creative ways.

- Upkeep and repair all sound equipment.

June 2018-June 2020

Studio Intern at Milkboy the Studio

- Greet and tend to clients in a professional manner.
- Set up and prepare studio spaces for recording sessions.
- Contribute to performances as necessary in the recording process.

September 2019-June 2020

Performance Review Writer at On Record Magazine

- Attend and observe live concerts. 
- Write reviews that are engaging and insightful.
- Consistently meet editorial deadlines.

January 2018-June 2020

Peer Lead at the Drexel Writing Center

- Aid students with the writing and editing process.

- Troubleshoot technical or customer problems with our database.

- Research tutoring strategies that reflect that values of the center.

- Plan, organize, and lead weekly administration and professional.


● QLab 4
● Dante Certification Level 1

● Sound Reinforcement
● Signal Flow
● Ableton Live
● ProTools
● Logic Pro

Resume: CV
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