Live Sound

Welcome to the Live tab. As I gain more experience in theater and live sound, I will be posting my work here including cue lists, mic charts, and routing maps.


Violet Dusk Livestream

Violet Dusk is an up-and-coming artist who hired me to produce, mix, and film her livestream performance of songs from her EP, published by High Plateau Productions. I mixed with a Behringer 1204 console and used OBS to stream.


Gift of the Magi

Independent Project

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, I was unable to take the sound internship I was luckily enough to secure for the 2020-2021 season. With this time instead, I decided to create pretend sound designs for non-existent playhouses to keep my skills and experience fresh and use my time wisely while waiting for the pandemic to end.

In the spirit of the holidays, I decided to create a sound design for the Christmas play, Gift of the Magi. I created a fake venue with a fake sound system, and created paperwork and a Cue List for this play as if I was truly putting on this show. 


GOTM Script

This is the script for Gift of the Magi for you to view. While I could not edit this document, many of the cues are already indicated in the script. The Mic Chart goes by the page numbers in this script.

GOTM Cue List

This is the QLab file for this sound design. Most of the timing for each cue is indicated in the script already.

Mic Chart

This is the mic chart for each character. Because this is a short play with no clear scenes, I divided this into pages on the script. In reality, this show would not necessitate mics but I wanted to incorporate them into the routing for practice.

Routing Map

This is the routing map created for this show, featuring a 24-channel mixing console, a 10-output processor, and wireless microphones.

Stage Plot

This is the stage plot for this performance, modeled after the Hartford Stage in Hartford, CT. It features 4 full-ranger speakers and 2 subwoofers.