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Mary Allain


Left with a void where her identity used to be, Mary Allain began allowing music to introduce her to who she is. With lyrics somewhere between self-hatred and self-awareness, Allain never fails to have an endless positive and comforting spin on her own failings, citing the complete loss of understanding her own identity as motivation to explore those ugly parts as loudly and publicly as possible. Growing up in rural Connecticut, going to school in Philadelphia, and building her musical community in Washington D.C. meant becoming a musical nomad, turning to the internet when the pandemic hit upon her college graduation and debut release, 2020’s “Iconoclasm”. Now, in promotion of a crowdfunding campaign in order to continue to create her next folk-inspired pop EP in the vein of Maggie Rogers, Cassandra Jenkins, and Lizzy McAlpine, Mary Allain is back with a new tongue-and-cheek single on April 25th entitled “Takes Time”.

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Ryan Schwabe, Grammy-nominated engineer

"Exploring concepts of morality and identity as the project progresses is a testament to the depth in this artist… With so much music in the world that is lacking depth, Allain’s conceptual approach is meaningful and necessary in today’s world."

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Press Kit: Music
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